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Find out how motivated you are through a simple image test

Discover what your mind is trying to tell you through the way you are focusing on the images.

How does it work?

All you have to do here is to look at the image above. Just look at it and name the first animal that you see. You will find out the details for each of them below.

The secret behind this test is a simple one and it is based on optical illusions. An optical illusion is caused by crossed wires in your brain. The information is gathered by your eyes and then processed by the brain. The brain evokes the shapes it is most attached to and which represent feelings and thoughts that differ from one individual to another, based on their personality and experiences.

The test results

Below, you will find an interpretation of all the possible animals you might have seen in the image. Read it and let us know if this is true for you!

A horse: The horse is a stunning, beautiful and strong animal. It symbolizes the balance between the instinctive and tamed part of your personality. It is also an indicator you have strong emotions and passionate desires that you either don’t express at all or that you keep for yourself and only share with your most trusted friends. If the horse was the first animal that you saw, it is very likely you are emotionally balanced, able to show inner strength and vitality. You draw attention to yourself mostly by what you do for others, and not by wanting to be the center of attention. For you, motivation comes as a responsibility. Being a dependable person, when others rely on you, you find the motivation to carry on with your actions so that you don’t disappoint anyone. Yet, being motivated by responsibility is not something that will always make you happy.

A lion: If the first animal you saw was a lion, you have an assertive, powerful personality. You shine through everything you do, everywhere you go and people know you as self-confident, independent and reliable. You are very likely to display strength and courage in any situation and become the leader of the groups you belong to. Yet, the lion is also a predatory animal that can display anger and aggression when things don’t go its way. So, if those around you betray your strong and loyal heart, you will judge them harshly and won’t hesitate to show it. It is easy for a lion to find motivation. Usually it gets it from the challenges it faces in its everyday life. As a feline, a bigger cat, motivation for you will be like a game: if a goal seems interesting enough, you will feel challenged to prove yourself (and maybe others) that you can do it. Beware, not all “games” are worth your time and effort and don’t be surprised if you have invested resources in something that doesn’t pay off in the end. So chose your games or your fights wisely!

An eagle: The eagle is an inspiring messenger. This graceful hunter has a sharp vision and can see things clearly, including the tiniest details, without getting into the storm of things. People who chose the eagle usually prove to be very grounded persons, with a solid foundation, connected to strong moral values. Native American tribes have associated the eagle with wisdom and strength. The eagle symbolizes responsibility for one’s actions, healing nature and treading lightly as a matter of respect for everything that surrounds us. It is also a strong indicator of freedom. This means that if the eagle was the animal you have spotted first, you are a powerful rebellious soul, with a keen eye for details, connected to traditions and virtues. For you, motivation is a matter of dignity. You are most likely to feel motivated if you know your goals are meant to bring value to the community, to those dear to you, or if your actions will be according to the natural, traditional ways you have always lived by. Beware, novelty might challenge you and, sometimes, it has the ability of making you feel dizzy and lost.

A snake: Wrongfully, the snake has been associated with treason, lack of courage and other negative personality traits. In fact, the snake is the symbol of healing, transformation, life changes, spiritual guidance and primal energy. If the first animal you saw was the snake, you might be in a period of transition, searching for new ways to achieve personal growth. You are a mental person, more likely to rely on reason than on feelings. You take decisions alone, after you are sure you have analyzed things thoroughly. It might not be very easy for you to find motivation in actions and goals that you consider mundane. You will fell more inspired by activities that have the ability to make you climb on the social ladder, bring you financial gains or improve your skills. You are likely to feel bored and tired, not interested, by daily, common activities and responsibilities that, in your opinion, don’t add value to your personal growth.

A rabbit: For many, the rabbit has been associated with fear, due to its shy and agile nature. But this is not all that the rabbit represents. It is also a sign of fertility and creativity, as well as a symbol of luck and abundance. Usually, people who feel a connection with its representation, are smart and creative individuals, who, in some situations, work to overcome some fears and anxiety. Although you are often a lucky person and you manage to accomplish your goals by also being a hard and clever worker, you sometimes feel pressured by social situations and become anxious about the outcome of your plans and projects. Because you are a smart individual, prone to worry too much, you imagine a lot of hypothetical situations, most of them with results that are not favorable for you. This makes you lose your energy and motivation on the way. Your shyness or your anxious episodes can kill your motivation. Learn to fight them, as you have the qualities you need to go far, achieve everything you want, without constant stops dedicated to anxiety setbacks.

A butterfly: The butterfly is a symbol for profound change, transformation, renewal and rebirth. It also symbolizes lightness of being, playfulness and elevation from earthly matters, an emotional and spiritual understanding of life. Seeing the butterfly as the first of the six animals in the picture means that, most likely, you are a good, warm-hearted person, paying attention to the feelings of others in an empathetic way. You are interested in everything that can bring you and those around you joy and light, an elevation from heaviness and tension. Your goals, just like you, will be kind and compassionate, meant to lighten up and add color to life. You might lose your motivation in two circumstances. You will never accept to do something drastic, that you find too harsh or radical, perturbing your inner peace, even if the situation requires such a decision or action. Also, due to your kind nature, you might have problems maintaining your motivation when something that you don’t find fair or correct happens on the way. Don’t get discouraged, life is not always fair and unpleasant situations can occur along the way. Stay strong and believe in your inner values!

What is motivation?

Motivation is the desire to do things, a crucial element in setting and attaining goals. It plays a role in identifying your goals, in prioritizing your tasks and responsibilities, in taking action and in overcoming problems and setbacks.

Motivation is a combination of values, beliefs and desires that make you lively, strong and able to take action. Therefore, it is an essential factor in whatever you plan to achieve.

Motivated people are more focused. They are also more likely to do more effort and have more energy. Unlike people who struggle and do things against their will or without a special connection with the final purpose of their doings, motivated individuals have a better performance and find satisfaction along the way.

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