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What is the thinking pattern of a winner?

Winners are confident persons with some kind of allure that distinguishes them from the crowd. That attitude they are displaying is not tied to arrogance, but success in what they do, confidence in whom they are, and the choices that they make.

Learn how to become a winner

Here are 5 of the most important steps for you to take in order to obtain the attitude of a winner:

Step 1: Don’t avoid clear answer. Learn when to say NO!

Step 2: Don’t question your actions. Take decisions!

Step 3: Don’t close doors. Open new ones!

Step 4: Don’t stay quiet. Act and create!

Step 5: Don’t cheat the system. Be truthful to yourself and to others!

Step 1: Don’t avoid clear answer. Learn when to say NO!

As an adult, you know very well what works and what doesn’t work for you. If you’re being asked for something you’re not feeling comfortable with, don’t lie to yourself. Unless you’re fully aware that you are making a compromise, don’t push yourself into doing or accepting something you don’t like and don’t mumble your answer. You simply have to choose: it’s either a “yes” or a “no”. Avoiding an answer will show uncertainty, lack of power and vulnerability. So, if you don’t agree with something, you can easily say “no” in a smart way. Here is how to do that:

  • Be assertive: Don’t apologize for something you didn’t do or for something you don’t like. If you are not sorry about something, don’t say it. You can be polite without pointing fingers at yourself as being guilty for having specific likes and dislikes.

  • Be firm: If your negative answer has not been clearly understood, don’t return to your decision and change your mind.

  • Set limits: When you need to explain your decisions, make people understand how much you can or are willing to help them when you refuse a request.

Step 2: Don’t question your actions. Take decisions!

Nobody said it is easy to choose among alternatives. Yet, to go forward in life, you will have to. To avoid looking back and thinking about all the things you might have missed, do this:

  • Evaluate the pros and cons: Make a list – positive aspects of a potential decision on the left hand-side, and negative aspects on the right hand-side. Draw a line and see what’s the outcome.

  • Have a life philosophy: For every decision you take, make sure you respect the set of values you would never-ever break. Also, think on the long run – would you be comfortable with the decision taken today also in a month or a year?

  • Don’t look back: Once you’ve set your mind for something, it is what it is. Since you are not a child, you should go with your choice and make it work. Don’t think about the “what if” scenarios, as it would only make you feel bad and you would only lose time.

Step 3: Don’t close doors. Open new ones!

Big successes won’t happen overnight. You will need to plan, to adapt, to focus, to work hard, to be flexible, intelligent and determined. Most people get discouraged on the way. This is what you need to do:

  • Don’t stop believing in your ideas: Maybe not everybody is as excited about your idea as you are. Still, you feel like you are on the edge of discovering or inventing something. So, don’t stop, continue until you can prove yourself right or wrong.

  • Embrace failure: Failure is just self-pity because failure doesn’t exist. If something that you wanted didn’t work out, take time to analyze the feedback and draw a conclusion. Even if things didn’t go your way, you now have more knowledge. Next time, it will surely be better.

  • Keep experimenting: Who gets it right on the first try? If you are ambitious, you need time to practice. You will fail, you will learn, you will adapt, until you get it right. Don’t lose hope.

Step 4: Don’t stay quiet. Act and create!

Nothing falls down from the sky, as a God sent present. You should play the lottery if you are waiting for this to happen. In case the odds are not in your favor, you may need to wait for an entire life for that “something” your heart longs for. Are you willing to leave your dreams and needs to fate or are you going to step in and make things happen?

  • Stop watching Netflix: An action driven person won’t spend time hiding in time-consuming, no result activity. No matter how much you like watching movies or playing computer games, as they are good entertaining activities, don’t let them become a habit that takes too many hours a week.

  • Make an agenda: Be organized. If you know what you want, act accordingly. Make a list of what you need to do, of the things you need and split everything into manageable chunks. Set realistic deadlines and do your best to reach them.

  • Put yourself in the middle of things: Good energy attracts good energy. It’s the same thing with mindsets. If, for instance, you know your goal is to become the best contemporary jewelry designer, study the art of jewelry design. Take an online course. Go a step further and attend classes dedicated to this. Make friends among people who share the same interest.

Step 5: Don’t cheat the system. Be truthful to yourself and to others!

You can’t change your true nature and reach peak performance in a field that you’re not gifted in. Also, you can’t buy or cheat your way up. Eventually, people will find out. The mess that you have created may have far-reaching consequences and then you will have no option but to retreat and sadly, some people never recover from it.

  • Do it with passion: You’ve got higher chances of reaching your goal if it corresponds to your inner potential. What is your top skill? Explore it, embrace it, and apply it when you set up your goal.

  • Always improve: No matter how good you are at something, accept that you’re not the best in the world. You have the duty to constantly learn and show your experience through what you want to accomplish.

  • Respect others: An achievement is fully recognized as long as it has been accomplished in a fair and respectful manner. Make sure that the path to your hopes and dreams is the correct one, doesn’t negatively affect anyone, and it respects the moral criteria society imposes.

Do you want to find out more?

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